Pneumatic Chucks Series

2-Jaw High Speed Hollow Power Chucks

MTK-T 2 Actuating Axes Self-Centering Solid Air Chuck Fixtures

2-Jaw Super Precision Air Chuck Fixtures

  1. Pre-machined tapped holes and lubrication path: There are tapped holes for fixing jigs, thus, additional screw machining is not necessary, and pre-machined lubrication path can connect to auto-lubrication unit to lubricate the chuck automatically.
  2. Built-in Cylinder: Connect cylinder directly to the chuck for stable gripping.
  3. Precise soft jaw positioning: It’s easy to remount soft jaw to the correct position with dowel pins on it.
  4. High gripping precision brings better quality and efficiency.
    Good coaxiality and repeatability of gripping are able to achieve the accuracy of “μ degree machining processes can be simplified or shortened to make high precision machining with high efficiency come ture.


Unit / mm
E F H W L M M1 M2 M3
MTK-04T 148 17 20.75 101.6 18 12.7 12.7 80 16 13 Ø9 (PCDØ130) 6- M5×0.8P(PCDØ88.9) 4-M5×0.8P 6-Ø3.18
MTK-06T 200 18 39.75 152.4 26 12.7 12.7 81 22 18 Ø11 (PCDØ180) 6-M6×1P(PCDØ135.89) 8-M5×0.8P 6-Ø3.18
MODEL / SPEC. N T1 Jaw Stroke (Diameter) mm Gripping Force
At Air Pressure
7 kgf/cm2 (0.7Mpa)
MTK-04T 3-M8×1.25P 2-M5×0.8P (PCDØ70) 3 310 (3.1) 6
MTK-06T 4-M10×1.5P 2-M6×1P (PCDØ110) 3 790 (7.8) 12.6


2 Actuating Axes Self-Centering Solid Air Chuck Fixtures

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2 Actuating Axes Self-Centering Solid Air Chuck Fixtures