Stainless Steel Super Thin Chucks

Product Introduction
  1. By the compactness comes from “ Light, Thin, Short, Small” designing concept; the chucks are most fitting to hold work pieces for measuring.
  2. Just rotate the chuck knob directly for gripping and loosening, A handle is not necessary to be used.
  3. Chuck body is made of very durable steel.
  4. Jaws can be reversibly used; gripping of various sizes becomes much convenient.
  5. 2” chucks can even grip up to the smallest size of 0.8mm.

Unit / mm

MODEL / SPEC. A B C D E E1 F G H J K L M Max. Gripping Diameter Weight
O.D. Clamping I.D. Clamping
SE-04ST 110 39 168 140 26 51 5 4-M6×1P 42 14 19 10 40 Ø1~Ø100 Ø36~Ø90 4.3